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Programs and Activities!

See what kinds of programs and activities are being offered for our families and youth!

Programs: What We Do

Job readiness

(Adults and Teens)


Grace for Youth Mentorship (G.Y.M.)


Academic Assistance & College Preparedness

(HS Juniors & Seniors)

- Business attire assistance^

- Resume Building 

- Mock Interviews

- Job Fairs*

(^-  When resources allow)

(* - When planned)

Days and times coming soon! -

- Youth Discipleship/Mentorship

- Creative Arts

- Tech Literacy & Internet Safety

- Special Events

Days and times coming soon! -

- STAAR tutoring

- Reading Assistance

- Fafsa assistance

- College Application completion

- Grants/Scholarship discussions

- Alternative Career planning

- Financial Literacy

Days and times coming soon! -

Program descriptions and links!

Programs: List

Job Readiness

  • Business Attire Assistance - When resources allow, we provide assistance with formal wear for those in need who are seeking employment. 

  • Resume Building - We work with job seekers on learning how to build and utilize an effective resume. 

  • Mock Interviews - We schedule mock job interviews for employment seekers, where we practice things like answering interview questions and self presentation so they can be prepared for the real thing.

  • Job Fairs - We work with various employers to help put together job fairs for those seeking employment. 

Let's Work!

Grace for Youth Mentorship (G.Y.M.)

  • Youth Discipleship/Mentorship - We aim to provide spiritual and practical teachings to youth in efforts to share the love of God and provide a consistent helpful presence in their lives. 

  • Creative Arts - We aim to provide the youth with opportunities to grow and express themselves through avenues like drawing, painting, music, photography, and dance. 

  • Tech Literacy & Internet Safety - We aim to equip youth with the tools to understand and effectively utilize modern technology in personal and academic settings. We also aim to train youth to understand the serious nature of the Internet, and how to properly conduct one's self for proper online safety and citizenship.

  • Special Events - We aim to host youth based events like movie nights, game nights, sports days, or even bless the youth with exciting outings to enjoy!

Get Grace!

Academic Assistance/College Preparedness 

  • STAAR Tutoring - We aim to assist students with preparing for their STAAR exams during the school year. 

  • Reading Assistance - We aim to provide reading fluency and phonics assistance to students.

  • Fafsa Assistance - We help students by walking them through the college Fafsa application process. 

  • College Application Assistance - We help students through the process of applying for college admissions. 

  • Grant/Scholarship Discussions - We engage youth in discussions about the kind of available financial assistance that is present via grants and scholarships. 

  • Alternative Career Planning

  • Financial Literacy - We aim to equip youth with tools to understand and manage finances well in life. (Ex: Managing bank accounts, credit & debit transactions, managing loans, investment accounts, etc.)

Let's Learn!
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