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(frequently asked questions)

Here is more information about A.O.G. and how we serve!


Who founded Agents of Grace and why?

Beginning in October of 2020, the founding members were: KP Tatam, Denzil Barnes, Isaac Galloway, and Clayton Anderson. A.O.G. originated from a desire to serve the needy in the community with a Winter Jacket donation drive in November of 2020.(Being inspired by scripture passages like Ezekiel 18:5-9, and Matthew 25:31-40))

However, we recognized that there's still great amounts of need, both spiritual and physical, for many hurting in the community. Thus, the decision was made to create the organization, and the intention was for it to be vehicle for the love of Christ, to go fourth and shine as a beacon of hope and compassion for low-income families, at-risk youth, and many others in the community. 

Is A.O.G. really Christian based?

Yes. The foundation of Agents of Grace is is trust in the Lord God, by faith in Jesus Christ and dependence on the Holy Spirit to lead us in all that we say and do as an organization. Whether it's our core values, our speech, how we manage finances/donations, how we approach controversial issues in our society, the kinds of partnerships we build, or the general make-up of our staff, we strive to put the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the forefront, in hopes that all can see the love of God and sound Christian standard through how God uses us.  

Does A.O.G. represent a specific church?

No. Agents of Grace has members who represent various churches, but A.O.G. is not a product of a singular church initiative. 

How do you determine where you conduct your food/resource distributions?

We specifically try to target lower income/higher need areas for our various resource distributions. These include examples like HUD apartments and Title 1 school areas. 

How do you determine which families and youth benefit from your services?

We utilize data and statistics, sound recommendations, and accurate knowledge of different demographics and areas in the community in order to determine the places that present the most urgent need. 

Do you only serve in Cypress?

We're based out of Cypress, thus we try to begin our various services there. However, we remain open to different service opportunities wherever we could be of assistance. We do this because we try not to limit how we can be used by God in various parts of Houston and beyond for the sake of the Kingdom and the community.

Does A.O.G. get paid?

No, none of our team members get paid for what we do. All donations go towards serving the community via our programs, service projects, discipleship initiatives, etc. 

Being a Christian based organization, do you still serve youth and families who do not share the Christian faith?

Yes. A.O.G serves everyone who has a need, regardless of whether they hold to Christian faith or not. As a Christian organization, our call is to be bold for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share his love, unconditionally, with everyone without compromise. This does not mean that we agree with every belief system in the world or how various individuals/families conduct themselves personally, but rather it means that the love of God is intended to be modeled and shared with all people, even with those who do not agree with the Gospel. 

How can I volunteer for A.O.G.?

Just visit our Interested in Volunteering? and sign up! Then, one of our representatives will reach out to you with more details!

How do you choose your partnerships/sponsorships?

We choose our partnerships/sponsorships based off of what opportunities and community assistance plans are most in line with our core values and vision for how we're specifically striving to serve the community at that time.

Do I have to be a Christian to work with/ volunteer for A.O.G.?

For staff positions, yes. To be considered, those who desire to take on a leadership role within the organization must first be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. We do this not for discriminatory purposes, but to maintain biblical standard(2 Cor 6:14-18) and ensure that's there's consistency throughout our organization for the sake of peace, clarity, integrity, and effectiveness in and for the community. 

For volunteers, currently we do allow for those who are non-Christian to volunteer with us to serve the community.

- For those interested in a staff role, you can click here, and you will be taken to our 'Join the team' page to apply!

- For those interested in volunteering, please click here, and you will be taken to our volunteer page to apply!

Being a Non-Profit, where does A.O.G. get it's daily operational resources from?

We get our resources from fundraising, donations, grants, and sponsorships/partnerships.

Are youths and families the only ones that A.O.G. serves?

While youths and families are the primary demographic that we serve, we are also open to be used to serve any demographic who may have a need, assuming we have the resources and opportunity. 

(Homeless, Widows, Orphans/Foster Children, Military Veterans, etc.)

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