A.O.G. Annual Events

Keeping you up to date on our yearly activities!


Winter Events

  • December
    - A.O.G. Christmas Party! 
    - New Year's Eve prayer! 

  • January 
    - Financial Counseling Workshop! 

Spring Events

  • April 
    - Resurrection day Praise & Worship! 

  • May 
    - Memorial day Community Outreach Cookout! 

Summer Events 

  • July 
    - Back to School Supply Drive! 
    - Summer Youth Basketball Camp!

  • August
    - Back to School Bash!

Fall Events 

  • October
    - Reformation Day Global Prayer   

  • November
    - A.O.G. Jacket & Blanket Drive!  

Event descriptions

Here you'll find out more in-depth information on our events


Event Name

Event Date

Event Description

Financial Counseling Workshop!

Last Saturday in January

Join us as we gather together to discuss and share helpful tips, tricks, and resources for better finance comprehension and management, and more deeply understanding God's purposes for wealth and possessions. 

Relationship Workshop!

First Saturday in February

Join us for a time of reflection, encouragement, and growth, as we endeavor to dive deeper into God's purposes for relationships and singleness!

Resurrection Day Praise & Worship!

First Saturday in April

Join us in a time of worship and praise of the risen Savior, Jesus Christ! We will gather together for fellowship, prayer, and reflection on his saving work done on the cross!

Memorial day Community Cookout!

Third Saturday in March

Join us for a time of community engagement, as we gather to enjoy some food, music, games, and prizes!

Back to School Supply Drive!

Last weekend in July

Starting near the end of May, and ending in July, A.O.G. will host a Title 1 school supply drive, where anyone can donate by purchasing pre-filled supply kits for students!

Summer Youth Basketball Camp

Every Monday in July

For Title-1 students! Join us for 4 weeks of free basketball, as we cover all of the fundamentals of the game, as well as take time for meaningful team building and devotions focused on the love of God!

Back to School Kids Bash!

Second Saturday in August

Celebration! Come out and have fun with us, as this will be a time for Title 1 school students to let loose and enjoy themselves before returning to school!

Reformation Day Global Prayer

Last Saturday in October

In acknowledgement of Martin Luther's 95 theses done in 1517, we will gather together for a time of reflection, devotion,  and prayer!

A.O.G. Jacket & Blanket Drive!

Second Saturday in November

Beginning mid October, and ending mid November, A.O.G. will be gathering donations of Winter Jackets and warm blankets to distribute to any in the community who have need!

A.O.G. Christmas Party!

Third Saturday in December

Join us as we celebrate Christ as the reason for the season! It will be a time of reflection, games, togetherness, and prizes!

New Year's Eve Prayer

New Year's Eve

Join us for a time of reflection and prayer, as we seek the Lord's will and spiritual encouragement for the new year!